Innovative Business Model

The Gist:

  • A novel enhancement on TOMS "One for One" through a local focus inspired by Jane Goodall

  • Give parents ability to protect their kids, without decimating their wallets – and feel good about it too.

From sand castles to snow angels, how can parents provide the highest level of protection for their children, without decimating their wallets?

Take TOMS "One for One" and blend with Jane Goodall's "Roots & Shoots" and you've got Cozey 7 Buyback. This model redefines the way parents can outfit their children with exceptionally high quality garments, with a cost efficient and socially progressive approach. Focusing locally creates significant increase in resource efficiencies (i.e. no transoceanic shipping) up-cycling increases the lifetime-use of each garment, reducing unnecessary production and consumption.


Real Lifetime Cost After Buyback

Assume purchase for newborn size, and participate through the largest size. $60 in direct savings to parent, 2x increased lifetime use of garment, protection provided for up to four additional children.