Expose Children to Nature

It's Critically important

The Gist:

  • Children spend 7:40hrs/day in front of TV or computers

  • Vast amount of research undeniably shows benefits of outdoor learning - that outpace any indoor setting.

Plop a little one in front of a television screen, play a Nat Geo nature series, and they'll benefit way more than playing in the woods with their friends, right? No.

Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that children spend on average 7:40hrs/day in front of a computer or television. However, just 20mins/day in nature significantly reduces behavioral issues (ADHD and violence), increases verbal communication, creativity, and coginitive reasoning abilities. It also promotes a rooted connection to nature and pursuit of lifelong learning. 

Jumping in puddles, making snow angels and sand castles are a childhood right of passage. However parents need to be able to effectively protect their little ones from the elements on days with poor weather.