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Cozey 7 makes technical outerwear for children ages 0-2yrs, made from the same performance materials used in adult apparel industry, whose humanitarian business model improves upon many inefficiencies faced by other similar models. The Colorado-based, mother and son co-founders, are on a mission to help parents share a love of the outdoors with their children and regularly explore nature no matter the weather. 

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jill thornton winckler


49 Lakeview Ave

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koseligkids Story

While hiking in Colorado, Jill and Ari frequently encountered quickly changing weather and adverse conditions. Quick to protect her grandchild from the elements, Jill repurposed a down jacket. She slid Ari's feet through the armholes, zipped it up, and tucked him into the backpack– creating a perfect extra layer.

Having spent 40 years in the sewing industry, Jill realized she could make something that functioned the same way. After extensive research with her son Jake, they found a lack of highly functional children's apparel crafted from the same performance materials commonly used in adult gear. This is the basis for Cozey7 designs. 

Keeping everyone up to date we have changed our name to koseligkids. Why you might ask?

1- koselig is cozey in Norwegian ( part of Ari's heritage)

2- To find "cozey" you had to know to misspell is and auto correct makes that a challenge

3- koseligkids is a bit more descriptive and allows for a broader range of products

Cozey7 originally came together because we named Ari's blanket his cozey and his middle name is Seven. Since the product was to benefit him,it seemed fitting to have the company named after him.