jill shared her favorite trails with her grandson, Ari.

 While hiking, they always encountered quickly changing weather and adverse conditions.



Flipping it upside down, she slid Ari's feet through the armholes, zipped it up, and tucked him into the backpack. Jill realized she could make something that functioned the same way.

Several times a month, she took him on a new adventure.

One prototype after another, Jill refined her designs, testing them as they hiked around the Gore Range. 



Ari's middle name is, "7"

He always called his blanket, "cozey."

Ari's the reason for this business. 

So, Jill named it after him. Cozey 7. 

Jill needed to find somewhere to develop the prototypes. She already had the skills and just needed the space. 

She discovered DDI. Weekly (if not daily) would drive 90+ miles from Summit County, CO to collaborate with the other designers. 

The collaborative space helped propel Jill into starting Cozey 7®.

We make performance layers for children. Using technical fabrics from the outdoor apparel industry, these garments provide a simple solution for parents who take their kids on outdoor adventures.

What we believe in...


Childhood Development

Nature makes strong, balanced kids. We love exploring outside and sharing the world with them. 



Practical form and versatile function are essential and enhance usability. We enjoy well crafted, thoughtful products. 

cozey 7 belief intersection


Layering with specialized performance fabrics enables fine tuning based on environment & exposure. This protects much better than a single "do–it–all" layer. 



We're bringing manufacutring back, one stitch at a time. We make everything right here, in Colorado, USA.


that's us in a nutshell :)

Jill and her son, Jake now work as a team, building a family business that helps protect and comfort little ones in any weather on any adventure.

Jake Winckler

Jake graduated from the University of Richmond with a business degree in management that focused on innovation and entrepreneurship. Starting with a small collection of vending machines at age nine, he’s grown up co-founding numerous businesses.

His start-up experience spans a wide variety of industries, from geotechnical engineering and advanced radar development, to apparel, food-service, and e-commerce. He now focuses his business development and marketing talents with Cozey 7 to improve childhood development.  

Jill Thornton

Jill has over 40 years of sewing experience. Her mother taught her how to sew at the age of 10. She would often buy clothing but wanted it to look different, or have a different function. She grew up repurposing garments to expand their function. She has always loved experimenting with different fabrics, colors, and textures.

Her extensive experience in sewing and having raised three boys positions her to creatively develop new lines of high performance children’s garments that effectively protect them from various weather conditions.


Patent pending

Manufactured exclusively in Colorado, U.S.A.