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A collection of TrailHopper reviews.



I wish Cozey7 was around when my kids were little.
TrailHoppers are a convenient, simple solution for parents and little explorers on the move


I think the TrailHopper is exceptionally well-suited to use with a baby carrier (like ourBoba 4G)
So…while the Trailhopper was originally conceived of for hiking  and other similar pursuits, we can imagine it being quite useful just around town.


I wish I had one of these with my first child because she was an expert at losing her shoes, and socks!  I LOVE that this product is fully made right here in the USA!


I would try to tuck a blanket around my baby in our Ergo, but her little feet would inevitably sneak out of that blanket again and again. F.R.U.S.T.R.A.T.I.N.G.
This year, I have a better plan. Cozey7 just came out with TrailHoppers…


    The TrailHopper by Cozey 7 is great! It doesn't matter what my son is wearing at the time I can easily slip this over him and I know he’s properly bundled to go. The TrailHopper is great because it gives a lot of freedom of movement for children with separate legs and arm holes, but keeps them perfectly covered. I don’t have to worry about socks coming off or putting on shoes because with one quick fold his feet are all bundled up too."
    Unlike blankets which my son loves to kick off, the TrailHopper is easy to use in strollers and car seats, so buckling is not an issue. I was also surprised to see how comfortable my son was in the TrailHopper and quite happy in it. The freedom to move about and stay warm was a happy solution for both my son and myself. I've been able to use this on multiple occasions.

Anne of

Ellie is crazy about her TrailHopper, or Cozey as she calls it.  It’s easy for her to get on and off all by herself and the zipper’s anti-jam system is super kid-friendly.
This is a really great idea. It’s perfect for that age when kids are getting more active, but they still need extra protection from the elements. Heck, if it came in adult sizes, I’d get one. – Jennifer Aug 8th, 2014 3:03pm