Our trails, forests, and wild animals need us to be mindful of our footprint. However, sometimes what we are trying to not leave behind is just plain gross. Our Grabbers put a compostable layer in between your hand and whatever you are needing to take with you. Those bioplastic bags are maybe better than the regular plastic ones, but they are only compostable in a commercial facility. Our Grabbers are made from recycled paper that is 100% compostable - meaning it adds to the soil when it decomposes. Once you can get rid of your waste, you can throw the grabber into your compost bin! Or you can throw the whole kit-and-caboodle away knowing that it wont take years to decompose and wont be adding toxins to the soil. 


Set it and forget it!

Our subscription service is $10 a month + shipping. You will receive 60 Grabbers a month that are made from unbleached paper that is FSC certified post-consumer content. It is compostable and USDA certified to come from renewable resources and are an alternative to petroleum-based products.