Sustainable Manufacturing

Every TrailHopper is made out of 80% Recycled Polartec® fleece. Sourcing this material greatly reduces our carbon footprint while keeping the youngsters warm! 

We repurpose all cut away material into Snuggers– less than 5% of our total materials sent to manufacturing gets tossed away.

Materials are only half the picture. We also have established great relationships with like-minded manufacturers who  ensure everyone taking part in sewing for us, have a desirable work environment and life balance. 


Chemical Free Kids

We're proudly partnered with Goddess Garden Organics to provide parents with a complete, chemical free solution to sun protection– not to mention a very similar story that started it all. They share our vision in protecting our little one's from the sun, without hormone disrupting chemicals. Using Goddess Garden Organic's sunscreen for little one’s face and hands with our UPF 50 sun suits, a parent completely steps away from chemical based sunscreens and effectively protects them from the sun. 

See their story at: 


Our office is based out of Green Spaces– Denver's green coworking space in the RiNo Art District. Certifiably Green, the entire space is solar powered and features reclaimed wooden planters, thoughtfully repurposed furniture, and a socially conscious collaborative community.

Collaborating here helps solidify our commitment to green business practices and our vision of bringing sustainable manufacturing back to the U.S.A. 

Time flies. The world that our children inherit will be here in a blink of an eye. Our commitment to sustainable & environmentally thoughtful practices will help ensure they can grow and develop along the same trails we are so fortunate to enjoy.